terms & conditions

TDS will be deducted as formulated by the Indian Government.

The member shall bear true faith and all commitment to the Firm and shall uphold the integrity and decorum of the Firm and shall maintain good relation with other client.

The member shall not compel or induce or mislead any person with any false statement / promise to join in the Firm as a member.

The applicant / member shall ensure that all the information / furnished to the Firm is correct and properly entered.

Firm reserves the right to reject any membership / applicant at its own discretion.

The Firm reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions. products, schemes, business and policies, giving prior notice through its website be binding on all member of the Firm.

The terms and conditions within above mentioned shall be governed in accordance with the law in force in the territories of India.

The member has to provide all correct information in the term. The mobile Number mentioned should be in working condition and if it is found during verification that number mentioned in the form is false / non working condition or any other detail filled up in the membership form is not true, the application will be rejected and membership will be forfeited with immediate effect.

If due to change in govt. policies and enactment of the law, the form of business is stopped then the firm will not be liable for any kind of claims, reimbursement and compensation.

I undertake not to misguide of include any one i shall not misguide any one and appraise them the terms and conditions for any one to become a distributor to join the company.

Demand Draft / cheque should be in the favor of MPFV INDIA PVT LTD.

By signing this form distributor acknowledges that he/she thoroughly read and complies with terms and condition mentioned in the company’s success plan.

Each applicant should be at least 18 years of age at the time of application , to become a MPFV Distributor.

Signing of this form in no way makes you an employee or agent of the company.

This form is an application and an agreement to appoint an individual as a self-employed distributor for the sale of MPF products.

A distributor who does not adhere to these rules can be suspend, pending inquiry or terminated From the distributorship.

Incase of any dispute, default or complaint, the company’s decision will be final.

All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Ahmedabad(Gujarat).